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Textile Cluster Factory Visit

Textile refers to material made of interlacing fibres. Textile Industry majorly includes units which function to convert fibre such as Cotton, Silk, Polyester, Wool to Fabric

Getting Fibres – Fibres are of two types Natural & Synthetic/ Man-Made fibres. Natural fibres such as cotton can be obtained from agriculture process (Farming to Ginning) & Man Made fibres such as polyester can be obtained by chemical process.

Spinning – Once fibres are obtained they are then converted into Yarn , Yarn is basically a thread. The process to obtain yarn from fibre is known as spinning.

Weaving / Knitting – Yarn is then converted into fabric by weaving or Knitting process . The units such as Power looms / mills are involved in this process

Fabric processing – The fabric obtained after weaving or knitting process is known as griege fabric which is basically a unfinished form of fabric. Griege fabric is processed in processing house also known as dyeing or printing units which process ( dyeing in desired color / print in various designs ) fabric to use it to make garments.

The above information is just basics, and only covers the basic production process textile industry.

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