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For reward schemes – 27-05-2015

For reward schemes, facility of uploading digitally signed documents by CA / CS being developed. Uploading of documents for Chapter 4 and 5 of FTP in the next phase. Facility to upload documents in Exporter / Importer Profile. No need to submit permanent records/ documents repeatedly, once uploaded. Landing documents of export consignment as proofs for notified market can be digitally uploaded.

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First published in 1936 – 11-05-2015

First published in 1936 by International Chamber of Commerce Revised 6 times before 2010 Current revision (“Incoterms 2010”) to become effective January 2011

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User-friendly website – 16-06-2015

Interesting, user-friendly website designed for your target audience. Interaction points and data capture points on the site for your target customers. Innovative use of human behavior psychology. Intelligent and regular reviews of website data.

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Merchandise Exports from India – 10-04-2015

Subject: Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS)—Schedule of country groups, ITC (HS) code wise list of products with reward rates under Appendix 3B notified

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